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I have recently set-up my own handyman business and attended Leo's one day DIY training session on Saturday 28th June 2014.

"Outstanding"is the best word which comes to mind,and money well spent.Leo facilitates a thorough training session,which provides the opportunity to learn both theory and more importantly hands on experience.

After a ten hour training session I walked away energized, motivated &a better understanding of the importance of the right tools to perform the task.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge experience & skills

as I embark on this adventure with a solid foundation of confidence,

Best Regards....Paul Mc 28-6-2014


Who knew there were so many types of screws?I didn't.

With my new knowledge of anchors,never again will I fear that something I hang will fall down.

A fellow property minded girlfriend and I attended the DIY Handyman Course last weekend.held beside the beautiful Narrabeen Lakes.We were joined by another aspiring handywoman to spend the day learning a host of helpful new skills.

By Tina  Organiser of the walks and Wellbeing Meetup.  6th Oct 2015


I attended the DIY course recently at Narrabeen.Leo (Aussie Home and Building Services Pty Ltd) is an experienced Former builder and now Handyman /teacher.His knowledge of property maintenance is impressive.He explains the concepts using both practical,academic and humerous methods.! My investment in the DIY course was well rewared. Justin T 28-6-14



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Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, one student at a time.


Since we opened our doors in 2007, the DIY School  has been helping students fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with the student’s classroom teachers for the most efficient learning.


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 Q. Can I get a Handyman license.

A. No person can. THERE IS NO SUCH THING

The best and only thing we provide is Certification. Like a doctors certificate on his wall. you know he completed university . So our certificate shows employers that you are qualified in twenty services as shown on the certificate.  You can obtain jobs with this certificate.. Companies send their people to us for this qualification.

Q. Can I get a job with this certification?

A. Yes.

Q. What license do some handymen advertise.?

A. They have a contractors licence. which tells

you limited  skills.Or Their individual trade license,but they cannot necessarily repair other requirements we teach .

Q. Who does these courses

A. Anyone who wants to enter the career of Handyman services.Landlords.Home buyers who want to save money 

Q. Is it expensive?

A.If you look at the fees its  a few days of trade services. Sydney Morning Herald quotes $50,000 saving in immediate improvements or ten years of trades services.

Q Where is it held?

A. Usually in a class room or in peoples homes or business.

Q When are they held ?

A. when people enrol and we have a class . 

Q. How many in the class

​A. Only  four maximum


.Hi Leo,

Both the content of your handyman course and your presentation skills were absolutely excellent! Its truly amazing how few in our communities are able to do their own repairs in their own homes.

This is especially with all the sense of empowerment and satisfaction that comes with being able to do you own repairs-not to mention the savings of over $150+ with every service fee or home visit you would otherwise pay a handyman.

I would particularly recommend your course to secondary school students who may otherwise never get the opportunity to learn such skills.

School principals pay attention and get your students enrolled in this course.

Naturally anyone who owns and rents and who is having to call someone in do to do something they do not have the time and interest to do themselves should consider doing your course. Best wishes for the future and many thanks for an excellent course

Peter Taranto Lawyer Perth



This program can be delivered onsite or in a classroom setting dependent on numbers. The program is run over one to five day’s, dependent on the skill sets and selected by the customer..
The DIY Handyman course will provide students  the basic skills, knowledge and hands on instruction that is required for job requirements to then undertake basic maintenance  requirements.
There are no suitable accredited options available for this training.
The Certification from the selected course has been acceptable by companies requiring the given skills.

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DIY SCHOOL AUSTRALIA provides knowedge and hands on instruction by one Australia's foremost Home and Building Services provider. of 40 years standing. 

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You receive

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  • Hands on introduction
  • legal requirements
  • In class,home or business service


Hi Leo

Just want to thank you for your outstanding DIY /handyman course I attended over the weekend.

Your knowledge and learning structure towards the course was fantastic. You teach in a way that is easy to understand,and the hands on experience was just what I was after.

Thanks again Leo for teaching me not only the subjects outlined in the course,but your inside knowledge of the handyman business. 

Anyone thinking of this course is crazy not to do it. Money well spent.

Cheers Greg Blue Mountains. 4-4-11


​Hi Leo,

Hope all is well with you.and keeping handy.

I'd like to thank you for the time and valuable info you supplied me with.the course was a great asset for my future.I have my first quote Wednesday from flyers I just put out a couple of days ago.Things are already rockin.Would you please send me the rates that we talked about.,much appreciated. Kind regards

Tom Savage Melbourne


Hi Leo,

That was a great session yesterday,and looking back on what I learnt,I certainly gained the appropriate knowledge, and feel confident to conduct general maintenance on my properties,and carry out home renovations in the future. Andi L North Ryde


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This training links directly to the business growth opportunity in that it will provide the
This training links directly to the business growth opportunity in that it will provide the
additional skill sets for those staff engaged in the basic maintenance and minor repairs
required by the new service to be provided .Various industries traditionally provides a variety of services and this will require special additional skills to simultaneously develop capabilities across several fields. 

This will involve training of staff in specific areas such as maintenance home services,building maintenance,Home renovations.