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All of our small classes are punctuated with feedback and lectures from experienced teachers. You'll also be avail your self with support in the future

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Learning skills is so obviously self fulfilling and rewarding.


At DIY SCHOOL AUSTRALIA , we focus on educating you in the knowledge and basics of the jobs you will require in the career of home and building services, and /or renovation.   By providing the experience of one of Australia's foremost home repairs and renovations company ,you will be amazed at the simplicity and ease with which you will gain the knowledge.. Then the experience that you can apply to your chosen project. 40 years of expereince  with tried-and-true teaching methods, we provide our students real opportunity.


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If you are seeking a career in Handyman services,expanding your skill base or renovating your property. The fees would pay for themslves in two days of labourr.

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 Our classes are available in Sydney. or in your home or  business locations. whenever you can work them into your busy schedule. 

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