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​This course has been the most popular for people wanting to enter the Handyman services industry enjoying a good income and life style. Also people wanting to save lots of money doing the renovations and or repairs themselves. home buyers, landlords anyone want to enhance their skills. 


Certification course

Home Renovation

This course is an extension to the handyman diy course where the student will cover more hands on tasks, helping them to gain experience using tools and wanting extra subjects for the extra confidence required to start their goals.




in home private


These courses are private one on one courses where the student want the courses to be conducted within their homes or businesses.

These courses have been included for those that want to enhance their own requirement skills,

Furniture Restoration 

Old world



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A career as a handyman gives you the freedom to provide a complete repair or refurbishment service to clients,(or for your self)  What a wonderful way of impressing customers than showing them that they only need one person to complete the work to be done. you will be a professional multi skilled tradesman. 

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                                  PLEASE NOTE- As this course is a private one, as we have four to a class, we can only accept an application for the course ONLY  when we see the enrolment fee has BEEN PAID. if you look at the contact page, its a two minute transaction to enrol. so calls, emails and promises can only be treated as an enquiry. we thank you for understanding

FAQ.  Q. Will these courses give me a Handyman Licence.?

                  A. There is no such thing as a handyman licence. Dept of Fair Trading talk about a Contractors licence, that they will give after you do a TAFE course in General Construction Cert 4  .$1850)     But that will not teach anything about the jobs you need to know about in the Handyman Career. Our courses do!  We are the  only Handyman School in Australia . We teach you how to how to repair and service  the twenty or so subjects, to give you the ability in this work. We offer  a certification which has helped many in working in  a facilities management role, or of course becoming a Handyman.

Q. where are these courses held ?

A. usually in a  classroom or customer's home  situation in Sydney

Q.How much are they?

A. look at the Contact page choose a course, and enrol.


I have recently set-up my own handyman business and attended Leo's one day DIY training session on Saturday 28th June 2014.

"Outstanding"is the best word which comes to mind,and money well spent.Leo facilitates a thorough training session,which provides the opportunity to learn both theory and more importantly hands on experience.

After a ten hour training session I walked away energized, motivated &a better understanding of the importance of the right tools to perform the task.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge ,experience & skills

as I embark on this adventure with a solid foundation of confidence,

Best Regards....Paul Mc    28-6-2014


"I attended the DIY course recently at Dee Why. Leo is an experienced Handyman, but also a good teacher. His knowledge of property maintenance is impressive

 and he explains the concepts using both practical, academic and humorous  methods! My investment in the DIY course was well rewarded"  Justin  T.  28-6-14


 Hi Leo,

Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding diy/handymn course I attended over the weekend. Your knowledge and learning structure towards the course was fantastic .You teach in a way that is easy to understand. ,and the hands on experience was just what I was after. The lunch provided was outstanding also. Thanks once again Leo for teaching me not only the subjects outlined in the course ,but you inside knowledge of the handyman business.Anyone thinking of this course is crazy not to do it. Money well spent

Cheers Greg Blue mountains 4-4-11


Hi leo

Hope all is well for you, and keeping handy.I'd like to thank you for the time and valuable info you supplied me with,the course was a great asset for my future.I have my first quote Wednesday from flyers I just put out a couple of days ago.things are already rockin.Would you please send me the rates that we talked about,much appreciated.

Kind regards   Tom Savage Melbourne


Hi Leo I would like to thank you for the very informative handyman course I took part in on Friday 2nd September 2011.

You have a great deal of knowledge in the trade and a very divers understanding of what pursuing a caree as a handyman is all about. As you are aware I am currently completing a certificate 1V in Building & Construction through Sydney TAFE,and this course may be very useful to an individual wanting to work on a construction sites and develop property,I can assure you it does not even briefly touch on the subjects covered by your DIY/HANDYMAN COURSE which is more required. for working in the trades field of Handyman.

On completion of my handyman course you have given me the knowledge and confidence to take on any job .I am now in the process of working for myself,and I owe it all thanks to you.I am glad to have found this course and would recommend it to absolutely anyone who seeks to work as a handyman,or even individuals wanting to save  money around the  house.

So besides you sense of humour I thank you again

Kind regards Emmanuel Jabbour Handyman


Hi Leo,

Both the content of your handyman course and your presentation skills were absolutely excellent! Its truly amazing how few in our communities are able to do their own repairs in their own homes.

This is especially with all the sense of empowerment and satisfaction that comes with being able to do you own reapirs-not to mention the savingsof over $150+ with every service fee or home visit you would otherwise pay a handyman.

cut short section

I would particularly recommend your course to secondary school students who may otherwise never get the opportunity to learn such skills.

School principals pay attention and get your students enrolled in this course.

Naturally anyone who owns and rents and who is having to call someone in do  to do something they do not have the time and interest to do themselves should consider doing your course.Best wishes for the future and many thanks for an excellent course

Peter Taranto  Lawyer  Perth

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Leo

That was a great session yesterday,and looking back from what I learnt.I certainly gained the appropriate knowledge and feel confident to conduct general maintenance  of my properties and carry out home renovations in the in the future

Andi L.North Ryde


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